What we do

Central Puget Sound Council is comprised of 12 Square and Round Dance clubs including youth and singles clubs.

The Council publishes a council directory made available Free to all dancers and students belonging to the council itself and contains much information.

Full page ads of clubs lesson dates are assembled by the Council and printed in various local dance publications to advertise for the clubs.

The Council maintains scrapbooks and submits pictures, flyers, newspaper items, programs, etc., as part of the history and heritage of Council and clubs.

A written history is maintained of club and council origins. One copy is kept in the Council and a copy is maintained at the State Heritage Center, which is located in Spokane. CPS Council has a display case in the State Heritage Center with display items rotated periodically.

The Council, through the State Federation, provides a master insurance policy featuring accident and liability coverage for clubs desiring to participate in a group plan. Coverage is available for special dances and unique activities.

Each member club in the Council is entitled to have two family registration fees paid for yearly Leadership Seminar held the second weekend of July at Circle 8 Ranch.

The council Round Dance representative helps to coordinate selections of the State Round of the Month so the same dance is taught and danced in the state.

The Council Footnotes reporter collects news and information from the clubs and submits it to Footnotes magazine each month. Footnotes is the state square dance magazine containing valuable information on dance activities.

Each year the Council has available for all clubs and dancers the latest information regarding housing, camping, dancing, registration, etc., on State Festival and National Convention and other activities in our state.

The Council supports a good Junior/Teen Promotion Program and the Pacific NW Teen Festival is held in British Columbia and/or Washington State each spring.

The Council sponsors a Fall Festival and Spring Festival to attract dancers from clubs giving people a chance to dance together and become acquainted. Many local callers and cuers are asked to participate. Each Club is given the opportunity to host these dances.

The February council meeting is devoted to recognition of the Club Presidents and spouses/partners. All dancers and students are welcome at Council meetings.

The Council prepares class lesson flyers free for distribution in the King County area to publicize Club square dance lessons each fall. The Council has sponsored a square dance Express caravan around King County in August to promote various clubs’ square dance lessons.

The Council honors a couple, single, caller or cuer at the Spring Festival with the Jack Willison Memorial Award with nominee names from clubs and dancers.

The Council provides free Graduation Certificates to the¬†Club’s graduates.

Other services provided by your Council include brochures, pamphlets, flyers, video tapes, a square dance information telephone number, a website, all related to Square and Round Dancing and related activities.