Jack Willison Memorial Award

13260162_10209851082733982_8608456088585201447_nThe Central Puget Sound Council established the Jack Willison Memorial Award’ to honor members of the organization that have done special service promoting all phases of square and round dancing within the Central Puget Sound Council area. Jack Willison was a caller, square dancer and Central Puget Sound Council officer.

The Jack Willison Memorial Award is to recognize active team members (whether caller, cuer, other individual or couple) that have given much of their time & effort for the continuation of our dance activity.  They (the current holder of the award) will retain the award for one year.  They will then choose another recipient (from outside their own club).  The Award is to be present at the following Central Puget Sound Council Spring Festival Dance.  The newly honored recipients name(s) will be engraved on the plaque prior to the presentation.

Nominations for the yearly award will be solicited and accepted by the current holder whose name appears on the plaque.  The nominations should include a resume of the nominee’s accomplishments.  Nominations aid in choosing the new recipient; however that does not mean they must be from this list.  The current holder of the ‘Award” may utilize any method in selecting the next honoree.

Each club should be actively encouraged to submit one or more resumes for members of their club for consideration.  All nominations received shall be passed o to the following recipients for their consideration for next year’s Jack Willison Memorial Award.

The award is presented at the Council Spring Festival to an outstanding couple, single, caller or cuer in CPS Council.

13245439_10209851082813984_5186609190867788883_nThe 2016 recipients of the award are Kevin & Linda Thomaier.

  • 1997 Don & Donna Hall
  • 1998 Dick & Earlene Beham
  • 1999 Les & Julie Marberg
  • 2000 Pat & Ron Hoot
  • 2001 Nancy Newell & Ron Sadowski
  • 2002 Bob & Ruth Kramer
  • 2003 Bob & Jan Emerson
  • 2004 Tom & Donna Rohde
  • 2005 Chuck & Lynn Martin
  • 2006 Shirley and Bernie Cook
  • 2007 Jim & Mary Knight
  • 2008 Eddie & Gail Harry
  • 2009 Ella Simmons
  • 2010 Laura Chacon
  • 2011 Mike DeSisto
  • 2012 Lewis & Madalyn Cato
  • 2013 Larry & Teresa Snider
  • 2014 Diana Aldrich
  • 2015 Linda Robinson
  • 2016 Kevin & Linda Thomaier